banal monster

2000 proposal for a neighborhood civic center in los feliz, los angeles ca.


the site is littered with banal monsters - huge horrid hospital towers and parking garages - modernism gone bad.  a strip mall has been built in front of frank lloyd wright's hollyhock house.  it appears that an attempt has been made to obliterate nature. how did modernism lead to this? what has happened to nature in los angeles? how did man create such an inhuman place?


create a plaza with ground surface slightly concave like a snake belly full of seating, kiosks, and public open space that wraps the sidewalk and subway station on the corner.  the building is being built to serve as a neighborhood council chamber and building department branch office.  10 levels of parking serve the council chamber, office and retail use + park and ride for metro.


floorplates to be made of metal grating, spaced dense enough to make it comfortable to walk on in heels.  an inflatable tube network encapsulates the council chamber.


the architectural promenade up to the council chamber is a series of sprial and straight auto ramps ascending to the central oculus a top that is open to the sky. inspired by heroic los angeles elevated freeway structures. the users of the plaza get to experience the dynamism of the cars circulating above.